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But the Issus was not a definitive competition

But the Issus was not a definitive competition

Darius had been as a whole and you can commanded the new support of their soldiers and you can peoples on eastern satrapies off their empire. Alexander had to endure new chances that the Persian navy presented so you’re able to Greece, and set about cutting their basics with the eastern Mediterranean coast, wanting to overcome this new enemy collection by depriving it away from towns to install and repair. In a lot of difficult and sour sieges, somewhat at Steering wheel and you may Gaza inside 332 bc, Alexander overcame computed and you will resourceful defenders having increased dedication and you will resourcefulness. Towards the loss of their homes, the fresh Persian fleet, mainly out of Phoenician provider, generated the peace on Macedonian invader.

The dangers away from Defying Alexander

Alexander displayed clemency and also generosity to those whom submitted on time so you’re able to your with no compassion to people who defied him getting too long. The fresh stubborn individuals of Controls, who had resisted him having weeks, have been slaughtered from the Alexander’s vengeful troops, and many 30,100000 survivors had been marketed towards the slavery. The fresh chief of the garrison in the Gaza, the eunuch Batis, who’d resisted Macedonian arms in the an awful siege in which Alexander themselves was certainly injured, was, according to the historian Curtius, pierced through the legs that have thongs and dragged within wall space out of Gaza into the emulation out-of Achilles hauling the latest corpse off Hector within structure regarding Troy.

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